All certified drivers operating vehicles in the university's van fleet shall abide by all John Carroll University Van Fleet Policies & Procedures. Click on the link below to view them:

Only drivers who have gone through the Van Fleet Certification Process are permitted to reserve and operate vans. All vans reserved through the Office of Student Activities are for official University activities only. For questions and/or assistance, please contact the Office of Student Activities at 216-397-4288 or come to the office during normal business hours (8:30am-5:00pm) in Suite 201 of the Lombardo Student Center.


In order to start the process of becoming a certified van fleet driver, you must:

  1. Complete the Driver Certification Request Form.
  2. Photocopy your valid state driver's license.
  3. Request and receive a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) from your insurance company or state's Department or Bureau of Motor Vehicles (see instructions below).
  4. Bring the above three items, as well as $10 cash (exact change) or a $10 check (payable to "John Carroll University") to the Office of Student Activities (OSA), Suite 201 in the Lombardo Student Center (above the bookstore)

Upon completion of these steps, a staff member in the OSA will record your certification request and you will receive, by e-mail, instructions on how to access and take the online safety course and test and continue with the next step of the certification process.

Instructions for Obtaining a Motor Vehicle Record

In order to provide the Office of Student Activities with an official copy of your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR), it is necessary to request that one be sent to you from your insurance company or state's Department or Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Faxed copies are acceptable. Each state usually has its own process, system and/or fees for the MVR so please contact your state's appropriate office for more detailed information.

Below you can find website addresses for some states:

Evaluating the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

The staff in the Office of Student Activities will evaluate each MVR to see if the individual wishing to become certified is eligible. Typically, an individual retains certification eligibility with any standard moving violation or minor speeding ticket in the past three years. Multiple tickets in the past three years will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


  1. Once you submit the above materials, you will receive an e-mail with a username and password that will allow you to log into the online safety course.
  2. Take the online certification safety course, and pass the accompanying online test. A score of 100% must be achieved to move forward; you have the ability to take the test twice to achieve this score. If it takes more than two times to successfully pass the test, there is an automatic two-month waiting period prior to being able to take the driving test.
  3. Upon passage of the online test, sign up with the Office of Student Activities to take the driving test.  
  4. Bring your "Certificate of Completion" from the online course to the driving test. You will be tested on your knowledge and practical demonstration of the policies and skills you learned.
  5. Upon passage of the driving test, you are an officially certified driver!

View and/or download the Certification Requirements, including the Driving Skills Checklist.


To maintain "certified" status, it is necessary to, at the start of every academic year, submit an updated Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) and photocopy of your valid state driver's license to the Office of Student Activities. No drivers will be permitted to request and operate a van until these materials have been submitted on an annual basis.